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I’ve always thought of creativity as one of life’s greatest treasures. After all, we’re taught from a young age that to be creative means to be special: the best painting is held up in front of art class, the most descriptive essay is read out loud. And then, later: tech employees are encouraged to use “white space time” for creative side projects, while business leaders like Steve Jobs have spoken about the role of creativity in their success…

And my own experience with the guilt that can come with following your heart

There is a scene in Lulu Wang’s film The Farewell in which, in the face of their cancer-riddled mother’s imminent death, two brothers quarrel. In addition to carrying their grief, the brothers are housing a twisted secret: their mother (Nai Nai, played by Zhao Shuzhen) doesn’t know she is dying, not one bit. She’s been kept in the dark by a well-wishing — or misguided — family, depending on how you look at it.

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The younger of the two blames his brother, Haiyan, and his selfish choice to move from China to America some 20 years ago as reason enough…

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